The DCMF is a non-profit organisation working for press freedom and quality journalism in Qatar, the Middle East and the world.

Press freedom and quality journalism are vital for empowering citizens to participate in social and political life. Well functioning media are crucial for healthy societies and sustainable economies.

The Doha Centre for Media Freedom focuses its activities in three domains:

Direct assistance to journalists

In times of need, information and news are essential. Journalists who are subjected to harassment, detention or ill-treatment as consequence of their professional activity, especially during crises times, are entitled to direct assistance. Our Emergency Assistance team can be contacted day and night, by mail, phone or twitter. Find more information under ‘assistance’ on this site.

Training and education

Press freedom without qualitative journalism does not seem to make much sense. It is imperative to find a balance between free media and ethical media. Hence the need for training courses on International Standards of Journalism for students and mid-career journalists. The DCMF will also offer or facilitate workshops on:

–  Legal awareness and legal protection of journalists

–  Safety of Journalists

–  Access to information

–  Citizen Journalism

Research, reflection and memory

One of the objectives of the DCMF is to promote press freedom through media and information literacy. Ultimately media literacy will lead to increased access to information and to ease the free flow of ideas.

The DCMF organises debates, seminars, symposiums and conferences and commissions research and studies about press freedom, media legislation, access to information and the implications of technological changes, new media and social media.

The DCMF erected a virtual monument in the memory of the martyrs for press freedom who died exercising their journalistic profession (www.thejournalistsmemorial.org). The Centre wants to increase awareness about the dangerous work of journalists and bloggers reporting on conflicts and wars, through educational and artistic activities.