Citizen journalist tortured to death in Syria

Citizen journalist tortured to death in Syria

Mohamed Hassan Azhari died following torture and bad treatments inflicted by the Syrian authorities.
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A photo of Mohammed Azhari

Syrian activist Houran Al Hafawi confirmed the death of Mohammed Hassan Azhari who was arrested by the Syrian authorities in Ladikiya on April 13th. Azhari was then transferred to the detention centre of Damas’ intelligence services where he succumbed to his wounds.

This 24-year old activist known as Fouad would film acts of violence against supporters of the revolution and later post them online.

His death was also confirmed by coordination committees who also said that the news only reached them on June 11th.

The number of journalists who lost their life in Syria since the outbreak of the revolution is growing weekly. 37 have lost their lives before Azhari.

This article was translated from Arabic.

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