Journalists' death toll in Syrian revolution

The death toll of reporters and citizen journalists killed in Syria since the beginning of the regime's campaign to flush out anti-government protests has jumped to 158, according to Doha Centre for Media Freedom (DCMF).

DCMF has documented the killings based on its sources in Syria, Local Coordination Committees, the Homs Revolutionary Council and the Syrian Journalists Association.

Some were killed during the Syrian army's random shelling of neighbourhoods, others were killed by snipers and there are those who succumbed to the wounds inflicted on them during torture after being captured.

DCMF conveys condolences to the families of all journalists killed in Syria and expresses shock and sadness at the deaths. Immense courage has been displayed by local and foreign reporters covering events in Syria.

DCMF also condemns, in the strongest possible manner, the brutal killings of these journalists. A bold violation of international human rights has been demonstrated and freedom of expression is deteriorating. The centre urges the Syrian authorities to end the targeting of local and foreign journalists and demands it guarantees their right to move freely across the country to report.

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The following is the list of journalists killed in Syria as documented by the DCMF.


1.         May 5 - Ahmed Souleymane Daheek, photographer killed by tank gunship near Homs.

2.         Nov 20 - Farzat Yahya Jerban, Broadcast technician and photographer, arrested by the Syrian intelligence service in the small city of Al-Qusayr near Homs, later found dead and dumped in the street with clear signs of torture on his body.

3.         Nov 26 - Nizar Adnan Humsa, Photographer detained by Syrian intelligence for over one month in the Al Bayada neighbourhood in Homs. His dead body was handed over to his family on November 26.

4.         Dec 6 - Firas Barshan, Photographer shot and killed by Syrian security in the city of Hama.

5.         Dec 15 - Hamza Khalid Amer, Photographer killed by an ARPJ rocket while filming the army’s incursion of Shamseen, near Homs.

6.         Dec 15 - Bilal Jibss, Photographer killed by a sniper in Kafr Tkharam, Idlib.

7.         Dec 22 - Basil Al-Sayed, Photographer killed in a random shooting while filming.

8.         Dec 27 - Muatassim Al-Saleh Broadcast technician killed near Hama.

9.         Dec 28 - Muawiya Ibrahim Ayoub, Photographer killed by security forces while filming the incursion of the Rasten neighbourhood near Homs.


10.       Date unknown - Rami Ismail Iqbal, citizen photographer. Iqbal is believed to have succumbed to his wounds in jail, after being shot by the Syrian army on December 21st. Death confirmed on 23/6/2012

11.       Jan 2 - Shukri Ahmed Ratib Abu Burghul, Radio presenter received gunshot wound to the head on December 30 on arriving at his home in the Damascus suburb of Darya after hosting his weekly programme on Radio Damascus. He died of his wound in a Damascus hospital.

12.       Jan 11 - Gilles Jacquier, French television producer and reporter killed by a rocket or a mortar shell in Homs.

13.       Jan 27 - Usama Burhan Idriss, Photographer killed in a shelling of Inshaatt neighbourhood in Homs.

14.       Feb 4 - Madhar Amr Tayara, Photographer killed near Homs.

15.       Feb 5 - Saleh Samih Murjan, Photographer killed by sniper fire in Karm Zeitun near Homs.

16.       Feb 21 - Rami Al-Sayed, Photographer, killed in an arbitrary bombardment of Baba Amr neighbourhood in Homs.

17.       Feb 22 - Marie Catherine Colvin, American journalist, killed in a shelling of Baba Amr neighbourhood.

18.       Feb 22 - Rémi Ochlik, French photographer killed in a shelling of Baba Amr neighbourhood

19.       Feb 24 - Abdullah Khaled Awad, Photographer killed in a random shelling of Al-Kusair city near Homs.

20.       Feb 24 - Anas Al-Tarshah, Photographer killed in a random shelling in Homs.

21.       Mar 9 - Amr Kaaka, Photographer killed by the security forces in Doma near Damascus.

22.       Mar 25 - Jawan Mohammed Qatna, Kurdish photographer abducted by four men from his home in the town of Derbassiyeh, north of the eastern city of Al-Hassakeh. His body, which showed signs of torture, was found three hours later in a nearby village.

23.       Mar 26 - Walid Blidi, Algerian journalist holding British passport shot dead by the Syrian army near Azmareen village on Turkish border.

24.       Mar 26 - Nasim Entriri, Algerian journalist holding British passport shot dead by the Syrian army near Azmareen village on Turkish border.

25.       Mar 29 - Ahmed Mohamed Djibril Al-Rahmoun, Seventeen year old citizen journalist killed amid army shelling in Idlib.

26.       Apr 6 - Anas Al-Houlani, Seventeen year old media acivist killed in Homs.

27.       Apr 9 - Ali Shaaban, Lebanese camerman working for Al-Jadeed killed on Lebanon's side of the border.

28.       Apr 14 - Alaa Al-Din Hassan Al-Douricitizen journalist killed after he was arrested by Syrian armed forces on April 14 at a roadblock near the city of Hama .

29.       Apr 14 - Samir Shilb Al-Sham, 26-year old Syrian citizen cameraman killed near the Homs hospital.

30.       Apr 14 - Ahmed Abdullah Al-Abdullah, Syrian citizen camerman killed while filming an attack in Al-Damir.

31.       Apr 17 - Khaled Mahmoud Kabbisho, citizen journalist killed by Syrian armed forces after he was arrested from his home in the town of Idlib.

32.       May 4 - Abdul Gani Kaakah, citizen journalist killed during a demonstration in the city of Aleppo on 4 May.

33.       May 17 - Mohammed Hassan Azhari, 24-year-old citizen journalist tortured by the Syrian authorities following his arrest on April 13th and succumbed to his wounds in a Damascus prison.

34.       May 27 - Khaled Al-Bakr, citizen journalist found dead following violent bombings in Al Kassir, near Homs.

35.       May 27 - Amar Mohamed Souheil Zada, director of Al-Sham Information Network killed during bombing of Homs

36.       May 27 - Citizen journalist, Ahmed Adnan Al-Ashlaq killed in Homs

37.       May 27 - Fahmi Al-Naiimi Al-Ashlaq, aged 20, was targeted by the army as he was filming the army attacking Al Khalidiyah, a city near Homs.

38.       May 28 - Bassil Al-Shahade, a student filmmaker, was killed in Homs by a shell explosion launched by the Syrian army.

39.       May 31 - Abdulhameed Idriss Matar, 22-year old cameraman, was killed in Al Kassir, near Homs, after a tank of the Syrian army fired at him.

40.       June 13 - Ayham Youssef Al Hariri, 35-year old citizen journalist was killed in Houran by a missile of the Syrian army while covering a bombing and helping wounded civilians.

41.       June 15 - Bassim Darwish, Syrian citizen journalist, killed by the Syrian authorities while covering a bombing of the city of Rastane, near Homs.

42.       June 16 - Ahmad Hamada, a 27-year old Syrian videographer killed by the Syrian regime's security forces while covering the bombing of an old neighborhood in Homs.

43.       June 21 - Omar Al-Ghantawi, 18-year-old videographer and media activist, killed by a sniper while covering the shelling of Joubar and Sultanya, near Baba Amr.

44.       June 21 - Hamza Mahmoud Othman, 20-year old Syrian citizen videographer, killed by a sniper in Homs.

45.       June 26Wael Omar Barad, 31 year-old citizen journalist shot in the heart while filming fighting between the Syrian Free Army and Syria's regular army in Jarjaraz.

46.       June 28 - Samer Khalil Al-Salta known as 'Abou Yasser', 37 year-old citizen journalist died following the bombing of the city of Douma, near Damas. 

47.       June 28 - Mohammed Ali Al-Haymad, a citizen journalist was shot dead by the Syrian army while filming an army assault in Deraa. 

48.       July 2 - Mahmoud Hamdou Hallaq, 35-year old citizen videographer was shot while filming the Syrian Army attacking the city of Izaz near Aleppo.

49.       July 12 - Ihssan Al-Binni, a Syrian photographer was killed in the Damascus suburb of Dariya as he left work.

50.       July 14 - Iraqi journalist, Al Juburi Al-Kaabi killed in the city of Jaramana

51.       July 14 - Falah Taha, an Iraqi journalist killed in the city of Jaramana

52.       July 19 - Media activist and director of the Media Centre in Al Qusour, Mohammad Al-Husni, died due to shrapnel injuries in a bomb blast in Homs.

53.       Aug 2 - 21-year-old Syrian photographer and citizen journalist Zuhair Muhammed Al-Shaher was killed by the army in his hometown of Deir Ezzor as he was providing food and medical supplies to civilians in need. 

54.       Aug 3 - Citizen journalist Ahmad Salam, 23 years old, was shot by a sniper in Damascus.

55.       Aug 4 - Syrian TV presenter Mohammed Al-Saeed was kidnapped from his home in mid-July and executed by an Islamist militant group.

56.       Aug 11 - Syrian citizen journalist and army defector, Bara'a Yusuf Al-Bushi killed during a comb attack while covering a story in suburb of Al Tal.

57.       Aug 11 - Syrian reporter for SANA,  Ali Abbas, 37 attacked and killed at his home in Jdeidat Artouz, Damascus.

58.       Aug 20 - Japanese war reporter Mika Yamamoto, 45 shot in the neck while covering events in Aleppo. 

59.       Aug 22 - Omar Al Hamed Al-Zamel a citizen journalist who established a radio station, was killed during an aerial bombardment by government forces. 

60.       Aug 22 - Musab Al-Odah Allah, a Syrian reporter for Tishreen newspaper and opposition sympathiser was shot dead by Syrian army soldiers during a raid.

61.       Sep 4 - Journalist Mohamed Badeer Al-Qasim, who helped to establish a media centre in Deir Ezzor province, killed while reporting on a battle near in Homs

62.       Sep 6 - Citizen journalist Nawaf Al-Hindi, killed in aerial bombardment of Damascus suburb.

63.       Sep 9 - Filmmaker and poet Tamer Al-Awam, 34, killed in the northern city of Aleppo after being injured by a shrapnel shell while escorting the Free Syria Army.

64.       Sep 19 - Abdul Kareem Al Okdah, a reporter and photographer for Al Sham network, was killed in the city of Hama

65.       Sep 26 - Iran's Press TV correspondent Maya Nasser was killed by sniper fire in the city of Damascus. 

66.       Sep 26 - Abdul Aziz Ragheb Al-Sheikhcorrespondent at Al Sham network, was killed in Al Jabla district in Deir al-Zour.

67.       Sep 27 - Mohamad Fayad Askar, media activist, was killed by Syrian regime forces in Al Kousour district in Deir al-Zour.

68.       Sep - Anas Al-Abdullah, photographer killed during aerial bombardment of Damascus suburb, Al Tadamon.

69.       Sep - Tahseen Al-Toum citizen journalist killed in a bombardment of the Damascus suburb, Erbeen.

70.       Oct 2Ahmed Ali Saada, a citizen photographer, was killed in shelling by Assad forces in Damascus.  Saada also worked for the Syrian National Council.

71.       Oct 3 - Mona Bakkour was killed in an explosion at the officer’s club in Saadallah Al-Jabri Square in Aleppo. She was working for Thawra newspaper in Aleppo and managed the Syria Al-Qaalla website. She was in Al-Siyahi hotel overlooking the Saadallah Al-Jabri square when the explosion took place.  

72.       Oct 10 - Cameraman Mohammed al-Ashram "was killed by terrorists" in Deir Ezzor, the largest city in eastern Syria.The journalist was taking photographs when he was hit by two bullets, in his chest and his foot

73.       Oct 20 - Omar Abdul Razik Lattouf was killed (alongside his nephew) in Aleppo by Syrian forces as they attempted to return to Homs from Turkey

74.       Oct 20 - Mohammed Jumaa Abdul Karim Lattouf (Omar's nephew) was also killed in Aleppo by the Syrian forces

75.       Oct 23- Anas Al-Ahmed, an 18-year-old media spokesperson was killed while attending a funeral. 

76.       Oct 23 - Fatima Khaled Saad, a 22 year old blogger, died after being tortured by the Syrian intelligence services who seized her camera and mobile with which she was filming anti-regime protests.

77.       Nov 1 - Mohammad Khalil Al-Wakaa, a media activist, was killed during bombardment on al mayadeen city in Deir Ezzor

78.       Nov 2 - Hassan Haidar Al Sheikh Hammoud, a media activist, was killed while shooting videos in Homs suburbs

79.       Nov 5 - Cameraman Samer Khrayshi was killed while shooting videos of the military operations between the regime and Free Syrian army in Arbeen in Damascus suburbs.

80.       Nov 16 - Media activist Mustafa Kerman killed in bombing of Aleppo

81.       Nov 17 - Abdullah Hassan Kaaka, a media activist killed while under torture by regime forces

82.       Nov 18 - Media activist Mohammed Al-Khalid, executed by firing squad at hands of Free Syria Army brigade in Aleppo.

83.       Nov 19 - Mohammed Al-Zaheer Al-Naimi, a media activist killed after being caught in shelling bombardment in Al-Bouaida suburb of Damasacus

84.       Nov 20 - Huzan Abdul Halim Mahmoud, a media activist, was killed  in Ras al Ayn in Hasaka suburbs.

85.       Nov 22 - Basel Tawfiq, a Syrian state TV journalist, was shot dead in the Tadamun neighbourhood of Damascus.

86.       Nov 29 - Mohammad Koraytem, a journalist, was killed due to the bombardment on Daraya in Damascus suburbs

87.       Nov 30 - Citizen journalist, Marwan Hamid Charbaji was killed in a bombardment of the Daraya suburb of Damascus.

88.       Dec 4 - Naji Assaad, retired government newspaper journalist and contributor, killed by sniper fire in Tadamun neighbourhood of Damascus

89.       Dec 6 - Citizen journalist, Mohamed Khair Sheikh Qwaider was killed in a military bombardment of the Erbeen suburb of Damascus

90.       Dec 12 - Syrian state television journalist Anmar Yassine Mohamed was killed during bombing of the Al Mazzah suburb of Damascus

91.       Dec 22 - Haidar Al-Sumudi, cameraman for Syrian Arab Television, was shot dead by an armed terrorist group outside his home in Kfar Sousa in Damascus

92.       Dec 26 - Yezen Abu Al-Hamoui Al-Ali, a Syrian journalist who worked with Al Jazeera, was shot dead by snipers in the province of Hama


93.       Jan 4 - Sohail Mahmud, a pro-regime journalist working for Dunya TV, was shot dead in Aleppo.

94.       Jan 13 - Fawaz Zu'bi was killed by government forces in Daraa

95.       Jan 15 - Shehab Ahmed Assad was killed in Homs by government forces

96.       Jan 17 - Belgian-born French journalist, Yves Debay was killed by sniper fire in Aleppo

97.       Jan 18 - Al Jazeera journalist Mohammed Hourani was shot dead by sniper fire in Daraa

98.      Jan 18 - Media activist Amjad Sioufi was killed in a bombardment in Damascus

99.      Jan 31 - Abdel Karim Nazir Ismail, freelancer killed in Arbin

100.    Jan 31 - Issam Obeid, freelancer killed in Arbin

101.    Jan 31 - Loay Al-Nimir, freelancer killed in Arbin

102.     Feb 2 - Media activist Nabil Al-Nabulsi killed while covering clashes in Daraa Izra

103.     Feb 3 - Citizen journalist Abdul Latif Khalil Khuder died from wounds sustained during bombing of Damascus

104.     Feb 6 - Mohammed Kurdi, a media activist was killed while covering clashes in Damascus

105.     Feb 11 - Media activist Zaid Abu Obeida was killed during bombing of Damascus

106.     Feb 12 - Citizen photographer, Hamada Abdel-Salam Al-Khatib was killed during bombing of Homs

107.     Feb 15 - Yousef Adel Bakri, a media activist and contributor to Aleppo News Network, died during shelling of Aleppo

108.     Feb 17 - Journalist and media activist, Mohammed Saeed Al-Hamwi died from injuries sustained during bombing of Qaboun district of Damascus

109.     Feb 17 - Media activist Mohamed Mohamed was killed by sniper fire in Damascus

110.     Feb 19 - Adnan Abu Abdo was killed by tank shelling in Daraa

111.     Feb 24 - French photojournalist Olivier Voisin died from injuries sustained during shelling of Idlib

112.     Feb 25 - Media activist Wael Abdul Aziz was killed while covering clashes in the Baba Amr district of Homs

113.     Mar 3 - Walid Jamil Amira, who reported for the Jobar Media Center, killed by sniper fire in Damsacus

114.     Mar 10 - Head of the Qaboun Media CenterAmr Badr Al-Deen Junaid killed by mortar fire in Damascus.

115.     Mar 10 - Qaboun Media Center's, Ghaith Abd Al-Jawad killed by mortar fire in Damascus.

116.     Mar 13 - Editor-in-chief of Anab Balady newspaper Ahmed Khaled Shehadeh was killed in shelling of the Daraya suburb of Damascus 

117.     Mar 14 - Mahmoud Natouf, reporter for Sana Al-Thawra, killed during government shelling of Damascus

118.     Mar 29 - Freelance reporter and videographer, Amer Diab, shot by government forces in Damascus

119.     Date unknown - The death of Abdul Raheem Kour Hassan, director of broadcasting for Watan FM was confirmed by the government on April 1

120.    Apr 24 - Freelance reporter and videographer, Youssef Younis killed covering clashes in Damascus

121.     May 27- Yara Abbas, a war correspondent for Al Ikhbariya, was shot dead by a sniper in Homs. 

122.     July 5 - Fida Al-Baali, a citizen journalist and a correspondent of Orient TV, died after a shell shrapnel penetrated and settled in his body while he was covering the shelling of the al-Qaboun quarter in Damascus.

123.     July 27 - Videographer and reporter for the Al Shaghur Multimedia Network, Muhammed Tariq Jaduakilled covering clashes in Jisr Al-Shaghur

124.     Aug 16 Shahir Al-Muaddamani, director of the media office at the Local Council of Daraya City killed by a shell while on his way to cover clashes in Daraya.

125.     Aug 20 - Muhammad Hassan Al-Musalama, media activist and videographer working with the Revolutionaries of Daraa Al-Muhata - Tarq Al-Sadd group killed while filming clashes in Daraa.

126.     Aug 28 - Hassan Mhanna, a reporter for Syrian news channel was killed in a suicide bombing in Aleppo.

127.     Sep 5 - Abdel Aziz Mahmoud Hasoun, correspondent for Masar Press, killed by tank shell while covering clashes in Jobar, Damascus

128.     Sep 28 - Murhaf Al-Modahi, a Syrian photographer, was killed in the eastern city of Deir Ezzor.

129.     Sep 29 - Freelancer citizen journalist, Nour Al-Din Al-Hafiri, killed while covering clashes in Damascus

130.     Oct 29 - Mohammed Said,  Syrian citizen journalist, was killed by snipers in Aleppo.

131.     Nov 19 - Mohamed Ahmed Taysir Bellou from Shabha Press killed in Aleppo

132.     Nov 23 -  Hasan Haroun known as Mohammad Al-Tayeb was killed in  Al Gouta suburb of Damascus

133.     Nov 23 - Ammar Tabajo known as Mohammad Al-Saeed was killed in Al Gouta suburb of Damascus.

134.     Nov 23 - Akram Al-Saleek  was killed in Al Gouta suburb of Damascus

135.      Nov 23 - Ammar Khaytee was killed in Al Gouta suburb of Damascus.

136       Nov 23 - Yasin Haroun was killed in Al Gouta suburb of Damascus. 

137.      Nov 24 -  Mohammad Yamen Naddaf worked for Shahba Press Agency and was killed while covering the         conflict in Aleppo.

138.      Dec 4 - Iraqi cameraman Yasser Faysal Al-Joumaili was shot dead by fighters linked to Al-Qaeda in the Idlib province  as he was headed to the Turkish border

139.     Dec 20 - Syrian photographer Molhem Barakat was only 18 years old when he was killed in Aleppo. He also worked as a freelancer for Reuters and died while covering the battle for the Kindi hospital. 


140.     March 8 - Cameraman Omar Abdel Qader worked for pro-Assad Al Mayadeen station and was killed in Deir Ezzor while covering the clashes between regime forces and rebels.

141.    March 9 - Canadian photojournalist Ali Mustafa was killed by a barrel bomb while covering the attack in Aleppo. 

142.    April 14 - Correspondent for Al Manar television channel, Hamza Al-Hajj Hassankilled while covering the regime's takeover of Maalula.

143.    April 14 - Technician for Al Manar television channel, Halim Allawkilled while covering the regime's takeover of Maalula.

144.    April 14 - Cameraman for Al Manar television channel, Mohammad Mantash, killed while covering the regime's takeover of Maalula.

145.    April 25 - Freelance photojournalist, Mouaz Alomar was killed in an explosion in Hama province.

146.    May 5  -  Al-Moutaz Bellah Ibrahim, a journalist working for Shaam News Agency, was killed by IS militants after being kidnapped in March

147.    June 20 - Egyptian Photojournalist, Ahmed Hasan Ahmed died after suffering a gunshot wound days earlier in Damascus

148.    June 27 - Cameraman for the SMART News Agency, Mohamed Taani died 6 days after sustaining shrapnel wounds while covering clashes in Daraa

149.    July 20 - American freelance journalist James Foley was executed in a video posted online by the IS islamist group

150.    Aug 2 - American freelance journalist Steven Sotloff was executed in a video posted online by the IS islamist group

151.     Sep 10 - Mohamed Al-Qasim, who worked for Rozana radio station, was killed in Idlib

152.    Sep 15 - Journalist and media activist Abdullah Hammad, was killed in Homs.

153.    Sep 15 -  Zaher Mtawe'e, a member of the Zebdine Coordination Committee was killed while covering clashes in Zebdine

154.    Oct 15  - Member of the Nabaa Media Foundation, Atallah Bajbouj, was killed covering clashes in Daraa

155.     Dec 8Orient TV journalist, Salem Khalil, was killed along with two colleagues when their car was hit with a missile  

156.     Dec 8 - Orient TV journalist, Rami Asmiwas killed along with two colleagues when their car was hit with a missile  

157.     Dec 8 - Orient TV journalist, Yousef el-Douswas killed along with two colleagues when their car was hit with a missile  

158.     Dec journalist, Mahran Al-Deeriwas killed covering clashes in the province of Daraa


Many of the killings documented by the DCMF can be seen in videos posted on YouTube.

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