DCMF message on Qatar Day for Human Rights

Doha Center for Media Freedom (DCMF) marks Qatar Day for Human Rights today with pride of what the center has achieved since its establishment by His Highness the Emir Father who issued decree No. 86 of 2007 to establish DCMF, which aims at promoting media freedom, protecting journalists and advocating their just causes.

Celebrating this day with the people of Qatar is an opportunity to recognize the achievements of the State of Qatar in promoting and protecting human rights, as well as the great achievements of the various human rights organizations in Qatar, and to encourage them to exert more efforts to promote the culture of human rights.

The current political situation that the state of Qatar is undergoing and the blatant violations committed by the siege countries in the fields of education, health, and economy are pushing us to further affirm Qatar’s adherence to the universal and human values ​​that have safeguarded human rights in all its fields. Qatar’s respect to the universal human rights conventions is evident in Qatar’s leadership and people’s continuation to respect the rights of those who are living on the land of Qatar.

At DCMF, we value these achievements and renew our vows to exert more efforts to enhance and strengthen these achievements, expand community partnerships in the field of human rights and boost Qatar’s honorable image in international human rights institutions.                              DCMF considers press freedom a fundamental human right. Thus, protection of freedom of expression and freedom of press requires exerting individual and collective efforts with our other partners to move forward towards a culture of freedom and transparency.

On the occasion of the Qatar Human Rights Day, DCMF is reinstating its mission to protect the freedom of journalists, enhance their safety, and to advocate and defend their rights and causes.


Source: Doha Center for Media Freedom

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