Journalists Spotlight

Sun, 25/08/2013
Working with various media outlets and NGOs has led to Betre Yacob being labelled a terrorist, and like many other journalists in Ethiopia, he fears for his safety as a result of his work.
Thu, 04/07/2013
John Penn de Ngong has been threatened, harassed, attacked and kidnapped during his work on South Sudanese independence. Here he talks to DCMF's Peter Townson about the events which led him into exile in Kenya.
Tue, 07/05/2013
Threats and harassment from the NISS have forced Nagla Sid Ahmed Elsheikh from Sudan and into exile, yet she longs everyday for a return to her country.
Sun, 21/04/2013
Young French journalist, Claire discusses her experiences of war journalism in Yemen, where she was caught up covering the recent revolution
Wed, 10/04/2013
After being handed a one year jail sentence for conducting an unpublished interview, Abdiaziz Abdinur Ibrahim says he has learnt about media freedom and justice in Somalia
Thu, 28/02/2013
Beaten, pepper sprayed and jailed but freelance photojournalist William Ntege perseveres with his commitment to freedom of information.
Thu, 14/02/2013
A Y Abdallah spoke to DCMF's Shakur Ali about his experience of working as a journalist in Somalia and his quest to produce quality and responsible journalism
Thu, 24/01/2013
Ahmad Fakhori was a well known presenter on Syrian state television until he decided he could no longer be party to "ridiculous lies and conspiracy theories."

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