Journalists Spotlight

Sun, 10/05/2015
Addressing culturally sensitive topics through cartoons in India has brought attention - some of it unwanted - to Kanika Mishra and her work
Tue, 28/04/2015
DCMF spoke to Turkish journalist Bunyamin Aygun about his time as an ISIL hostage, the dangers facing journalists in Syria and his recently released book “40 Days in ISIL Captivity.”
Tue, 14/10/2014
Bokar decided that he wanted to photograph the suffering of people in Gaza to share the truth of events on the ground with the outside world
Mon, 08/09/2014
Safety and security issues remain paramount for freelancers covering stories in Gaza, who are finding new ways to address challenges and a lack of resources
Mon, 28/04/2014
Shubhranshu Choudhary won the Index on Censorship's 2014 Freedom of Expression Award for his CGNet Swara project, which allows users to report and consume news stories through mobile telephones.
Tue, 18/03/2014
In a career spanning almost twenty years, Anabel Hernández has made a mark with her courageous reporting and unwavering commitment to improving press freedom in Mexico.
Thu, 06/02/2014
Zakwan Hadid, a young journalist who covered violence in Syria, has been forced to relocate to Turkey. Here he discusses the dangers that he, his fellow journalists and other citizen journalists face while attempting to cover the situation on the ground in Syria.
Thu, 31/10/2013
Amal Habbani was detained for eight days during the recent government crackdown on the Sudanese media as a result of her writing. Here she speaks to DCMF about her experience

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