Journalists Spotlight

Sat, 20/05/2017
Youngsters in a refugee camp in Beirut are expressing themselves through film as a way to 'flip the cameras' on their lives
Thu, 13/04/2017
Despite threats against his life, and having seen numerous colleagues sent to their graves, Noe Zavaleta remains committed to telling stories of corruption in Mexico
Wed, 18/01/2017
Journalist Mayada Ashraf was killed in March 2014, and questions remain over the individual or group responsible for her death
Thu, 10/11/2016
Andrew Lwanga was beaten by a police official while covering a youth demonstration. He has suffered horrific injuries, and still awaits justice in his case, despite evidence seemingly proving his side of the story.
Thu, 29/09/2016
AFP videojournalist Karam Al-Masri tells his story of working in Aleppo and the unimaginable difficulties he has experienced
Thu, 11/08/2016
Giles Duley is an award-winning British photojournalist who is committed to telling the human stories of conflict and its victims. DCMF spoke to Duley about the current migrant situation in Europe, and how the story is being covered
Mon, 15/02/2016
Award winning investigative Mwape Kumwenda speaks to DCMF about what inspires her to keep on working despite the threats and dangers she has faced through her work in Zambia
Thu, 28/01/2016
What happens when Ghanaian journalists are given "too much freedom" to operate?

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