Syrian journalists injured in bombing

Syrian journalists injured in bombing

Two Syrian citizen journalists and activists were injured while covering ongoing bomb attacks in Aleppo
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Hadi Al-Abdallah and Khaled Al-Issa were injured during a barrel bomb attack in Aleppo (twitter)

Two Syrian journalist and media activists were injured during air strikes in Aleppo on Tuesday, according to media groups inside Syria.

Hadi Al-Abdallah, a prominent media activist and citizen journalist who has been covering events on the ground for media organsiations including Al Jazeera, and photographer Khaled Al-Issa were injured in a bomb attack as they were in the field reporting.

Abdallah confirmed that he was safe following the attack, writing on twitter: “Thank God, we’re safe after barrel bomb dropped on Jisr Hajj, Aleppo during reporting.  Thanks to all for your kindness.”

Video footage of the attack shows the journalists shows them being transported to hospital to receive treatment for their injuries.

Social media users expressed their support for the journalists, with many contacting Al-Abdallah to praise his work covering the ongoing conflict, and wishing him a speedy recovery.

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