DCMF hosting training workshops for Syrian journalists

DCMF hosting training workshops for Syrian journalists

DCMF has organised six training workshops for Syrian journalists to be held in Turkey and Jordan over the next two months.
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DCMF is hosting a number of workshops as part of its ongoing commitment to improve the capacity of journalists in the Arab world

Doha Centre for Media Freedom (DCMF) is organising six training workshops for Syrian journalists, which will be held in Turkey and Jordan over the coming two months.

From November 17-23, the centre is hosting two workshops in Istanbul; the first on international standards of quality and the second on online journalism.  A third workshop to be held in Gaziantep will focus on safety, as part of DCMF’s Ali Hassan Al-Jaber Safety Training for Journalists programme launched earlier this year.

The project is the culmination of the Doha Centre’s efforts to engage the emerging Syrian media landscape. A delegation led by the centre’s Director General Jan Keulen visited Turkey last May to explore the conditions of Syrian journalists there, as well as identify their needs and the best mean to address them. Keulen emphasised the project’s strategic importance, highlighting “the pivotal role Syria journalists and media activists play in providing reliable news and information about the unfolding events in their country, as well as in creating a culture of media freedom and ethical journalism in Syria.”

Additionally, as part of its Syria project, DCMF is organising three training workshops in Jordan between December 3 and 17.   Organised in conjunction with Community Media Network and Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism, these workshops will focus on international standards of quality, radio journalism, and investigative journalism. Applications for these workshops are open until November 13.

As part of its work to develop the capacity of local media workers, DCMF is also hosting a three-day workshop on social media for journalists in Qatar next week.

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