Syrian filmmaker killed in Aleppo

Syrian filmmaker killed in Aleppo

Filmmaker Tamer Al-Awam has become another victim of the ongoing Syrian conflict.
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Syrian filmmaker Tamer Al-Awam


Syrian filmmaker Tamer al-Awam, 34, has been killed in the northern city of Aleppo after being injured by a shrapnel shell while escorting Free Syrian Army fighters, the opposition Syrian National Council said on Sunday.

"Syria lost one of its dear sons. Director and journalist Tamer al-Awam was martyred by the bullets of the murderous and treacherous regime on the front line of Aleppo," where fighting has raged between the army and rebels since mid-July, the SNC said.

"Originally from Soueida in the Druze mountain, he left Germany to join the media activists of the Syrian revolution to share his experience and bravery," it added.

A Syrian website, Syrian Documents, said Awam was killed on Saturday while shooting a film for the rebel Free Syrian Army.

Awam created a number of documentaries, including one of his most popular films, "Memories of the barrier."

Activists have reported a number of arrests and attacks against prominent media and cultural figures since the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad's regime began in March 2011.

Apart from local journalists, international journalists also suffered a huge blow from the Syrian regime due to the on-going conflict. American freelance journalist, Austin Tice has been missing since mid-August and despite international pressure, no one is aware of his whereabouts. A veteran Japanese war reporter Mika Yamamoto died last month while covering anti-regime movement in Aleppo.

The Local Coordination Committees, which has activists on the ground, last month reported that prominent independent film producer Orwa Nyrabia was missing after having gone to Damascus airport to catch a flight to Cairo. He is believed to have been arrested.

On May 28, Bassel al-Shahade, a citizen journalist and filmmaker, and cameraman, Ahmed al-Assam, were killed in shelling as they filmed an attack by government forces in a district of the central city of Homs.

The death toll of Syrian reporters and citizen journalists currently stands at 65 since the revolt started in March 2011, according to Doha Centre for Media Freedom.



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