Two more citizen journalists killed

Two more citizen journalists killed

The Syrian army are reportedly behind the deaths of two more cameramen, killed on April 14.
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Ahmed Abdellah Al-Abdullah pictured.

Two citizen cameramen were killed by Syrian armed forces on April 14 near Damascus and, according to an activist, a Syrian photographer was also injured in Homs.

Abu Al Fidae Admir, a member of the city of Al-Damir’s Coordination Committee, confirmed the death of 35-year old Syrian citizen cameraman Ahmed Abdullah Al Abdullah. Speaking to the Doha Centre for Media Freedom, he said Abdullah was targeted while filming an attack lead by the Syrian armed forces in Al-Damir.

"Video footage showing Al Abdullah’s body have been uploaded to the internet. They show deep cuts following bullets fired from a heavy machine gun the activist said.

Meanwhile, Abou Jaafar Al Homs, spokesperson for the Syrian Revolution General Commission, confirmed the death of another citizen cameraman, Samir Shilb Sham, 26, who was killed while filming the Syrian army's bombing near Homs’ hospital.

Finally, the website of “Information Network Al-Sham” posted that their photographer received head injuries as he was filming the deployment of tanks and mortars in Homs.

Following the deaths of these two citizen cameramen, the number of journalists have been killed in in Syria since the revolution began has increased to 28.

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