The National Union of Tunisian Journalists (SNJT) has published a giant picture that covers the entire building of its headquarters in Tunis symbolizing Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman with a saw in his hand.

In an open letter to President Baiji Kayed al-Sibsi, the union expressed its contempt rejection of Ben Salman’s visit, promising “an attempt to whitewash his black record in the suppression of journalists and human rights violations in general.”

The union also invited all journalists and media professionals to a press conference on Monday with the participation of several Tunisian organizations to express their positions on MBS visit.

The refusal of the visit is a consequence of  the Saudi involvement in war crimes in Yemen, violations of human rights, and most importantly the latest violation of freedom of expression with regard to the suspected involvement of Mohamed Bin Salman in the assassination of  journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Saudi Consulate in Turkey.

In Egypt, nearly 100 journalists have announced their rejection of the visit of Saudi Crown Prince to Cairo for humanitarian, professional, and national reasons.  They stressed: “the attempts of Bin Salman and the royal family to evade responsibility requires journalists in Egypt and around the world to condemn this regime, on top of which the king and his crown prince, and putting them on top of the list of the enemies of freedom of expression and journalism in the world.”


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