Young reporters' film recognised with PLURAL+ partner awards

Young reporters' film recognised with PLURAL+ partner awards

The Egnever, produced independently by a Junior Reporters team has won two partner awards as part of the PLURAL+ video competition
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A video produced by members of the Junior Reporters team at Doha Centre for Media Freedom has won two partner awards at the PLURAL+ Annual Youth Video Competition.

The competition, organised by the United National Alliance of Civilisations and the International Organisation for Migration, invited young filmmakers to explore the themes of migration, diversity and social inclusion.

PLURAL+ 2013 received 254 videos from 71 countries, 61 of which were shortlisted.  The team from Doha produced The Egnever which was directed by Deena Omar.  DCMF selected The Egnever and Perfect, a film produced by a team from Taiwan for partner awards, both of which were successful. The Egnever also won the PLURAL+SIGNIS 2013 award from Spain.

The Egnever tells the story of two college students who decide to respond to the Innocence of Muslims film which went viral in 2012 by creating their own religiously offensive film.  However, after a large food fight in the college cafeteria the director decides against releasing the film.  The inspiration behind The Egnever was the Gandhi quote: "An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind."

Director Deena Omar noted: "Back in the days, it was considered an accomplishment to be able to dream wild and free. Now it is a whole different story. Everyone in the world has the ability to make something, it's a matter of self-motivation. Yes I have accomplished something because I am unique, but so is everybody else. That's what people need to understand to allow their accomplishments to come forward, that they are unique, just like everybody else." 


The Egnever cast and crew:

Deena Omar

Balkis Arafawoi

Mohd Feras Arafawoi

Youssef Omar

Mohd Ahmad

Ahmad Rawani

Hatim Salah


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