Workshop: Journalists and Social Media

Wed, 04/01/2012

The Doha Centre for Media Freedom ( DCMF ) will hold a training workshop for English speaking journalists in Qatar on "Journalists and Social Media" from January 9th to 11th.


Social networks have exploded onto the landscape of media as a very important tool for the modern journalist. The debate has raged on for a few years now, but early 2011 social media tools finally achieved the status of "essential" for a journalist.

Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are only the tip of the iceberg on how journalists can use social networks to enhance their work and tell their stories better. Now it is a continuous journey of learning and self-enhancement to always stay one step ahead and part of the incredibly fast developments in media

The modern journalist will need to utilize many new tools in order to gather information, produce material and engage their audience in new ways. This meaningful engagement can completely revolutionize the way a journalist delivers their stories.


At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Explain the importance of social media for the modern journalist.
  2. Describe the way Twitter, Facebook and YouTube work.
  3. List the opportunities and limitations of these tools.
  4. Explain how to use social media to expand on their stories and to tell it in more details.
  5. Explain the different options of Twitter and how a journalist can benefit from these.
  6. Explain how Facebook groups and interactions work and how it can be a source for contacts and ideas.
  7. Search for videos on YouTube that can help empower your coverage.
  8. Deal with issue of authenticity and verification of accuracy of material obtained from social networks and apply them to your coverage.
  9. Combine traditional media and new media in a fruitful way.
  10.  Search social media networks for breaking news.
  11. Create an editorial policy for media outlets on the use of social networks.


DAY 1: Monday, 9 January 2012

8:30 – 8:45 Registration

8:45 – 9:15 Introduction

Introduction to the workshop, the trainer, and the participants

Review of participants’ expectations of the workshop: "What do you expect to learn from this workshop?"


9:15 – 10:00 Review of the role of new media and Web 2.0

Presentation on the role and importance of new media

10:00 – 12:00 Introduction to Twitter

  • Defining hashtags 
  • Creation of a hash tag for this workshop
  • Participants publish their first tweet on their twitter account
  • Tips for writing tweets
  • How to publish videos and pictures on Twitter
  • Twitter: possibilities and limitations

12:00 -14:00 Twitter for journalists

  • How do you choose whom you want to follow? How do you increase the number of followers?
  • How do you find breaking News? How do you validate the news? How do you use Twitter for quotes of public figures?
  • How do you market your work on Twitter? Mobile Twitter

DAY 2: Tuesday, 10 January 2012

8:45 – 9:15 What can be done with Facebook

  • Facebook and journalistic profiles
  • The difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook group
  • The function of applications on Facebook

09:15 – 11:00 Facebook for journalists

  • How to make a network of your sources and friends on Facebook 
  • How to market your work on Facebook
  • How to deal with sources on Facebook
  • Facebook on your mobile phone

11:30 – 14:00 What is YouTube?

  • What is YouTube
  • How to publish a video on YouTube?
  • When do you need to create a channel on YouTube?
  • Searching for news videos on YouTube
  • YouTube as a source of information
  • How to use quotes from YouTube videos

DAY 3: Wednesday, 11 January 2012

8:45 – 11:00 How to use new media in news coverage?

  • How to combine traditional and new media?
  • Examples of successful use of new media in news organizations
  • News coverage and new media: examples

11:30 – 13:00 How to develop recommendations for editorial policies in your organizations?

13:00 Workshop evaluation and certificates

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