Who would you vote for in Egypt?

Mon, 21/11/2011

The Doha Centre for Media Freedom (DCMF) has partnered with Vote Compass Egypt, a non-partisan online tool that helps voters find out which political party most closely reflects their views in the run up to parliamentary elections. 

By answering 30 statements covering the most relevant issues during the coming Egyptian parliamentary elections - which start on November 28 - users are placed among the political parties that make up Egypt's new landscape.

To find out which party matches your political views, click here.

Using the data gathered through this application, and similar tools developed for the elections in Tunisia and Morocco, VU University Amsterdam will produce a research report for DCMF on the attitude of citizens in each country towards the media, press freedom and freedom of information.

The DCMF hopes to use this knowledge in developing effective and sustainable strategies of supporting media in countries going through a political transition.

Vote Compass Egypt has been developed by a team of Egyptian academics from both Cairo University and the American University Cairo, in collaboration with VU University Amsterdam, and has been published by Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW) in cooperation with Al Jazeera and a host of Egyptian media partners.

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