Sun, 01/01/2012

Urgent assistance for journalists in need

What Emergency Assistance is:

Emergency Assistance (EA) provides direct support, within its means, to journalists who urgently need help, as a result of their work. The EA team assists professional journalists to find sustainable solutions to continue reporting as quickly as possible, with advice, publicity and/or financial means. Journalists can request assistance for medical aid, legal support or other urgent needs. No funds will be granted for ongoing expenses.

The request forms are available here in English, Arabic and French .

  • EA aims to answer all emergency requests within 24 hours
  • If your request meets our basic criteria, a detailed request form will be sent
  • All submitted information will remain confidential.

Contact EA

In case of an emergency, please contact EA by:


Twitter: @DCMF_emergency

Phone: +974 6642 3028

Fax: +974 4421 3718

About EA  

EA stands for qualitative assistance; thorough research, international cooperation and proper justification of spending, contribute to truly helpful and accountable support. EA develops networks of journalistic, legal and medical experts in the Arab region, Africa, Latin America and Asia and coordinates with international networks of fellow free media institutions.

EA helps individual reporters, but also raises international awareness for press freedom violations by diplomatic pressure and (social) media campaigns. The Doha Centre for Media Freedom is one of the few press freedom organisations based in the Arab region that offers fast and sufficient support for professional journalists worldwide.   


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