Two Algerian journalists killed in Syria

Two Algerian journalists killed in Syria

Nasim Entriri and Walid Blidi, Algerians who held British passports, have been killed, Syrian opposition sources have said.
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A building bombed in Homs. AFP image.

Two Algerian journalists holding British passports were killed March 26 by the Syrian army, news reports and Syrian opposition sources said.

Syrian journalist activist, Milad Fadel, told the Doha Centre for Media Freedom that two independent Algerian journalists, Nasim Entriri and Walid Blidi were shot dead by the Syrian army after they crossed the border with Turkey through a checkpoint near Azmareen village.

He said that their bodies were in custody of Syrian security forces in the municipality of Syrian Zarzur village, situated between Jesser Shugur city and Darkush locality fifteen kilometres away from Turkish border.

The journalists entered Syria to film a documentary on the revolution, reports said.

Syrian Human Rights Network said that the Syrian army captured and killed them after disfiguring their faces. It was not, however, possible to confirm the news from an independent source.

Syrian official news agency “SANA” quoted Syrian officials as saying that authorities were thwarting an infiltration attempt by “an armed terrorist group” from Turkey into the rural area of Idlib. Some members of the group, added the Syrian state news agency, were killed and others fled to Turkey.

No official Syrian source commented on the reports of the death of the two journalists.

SANA quoted earlier the Syrian Information Ministry warning  journalists not to try to infiltrate in Syrian territory with the company of what it called “terrorists.”

The ministry released a statement in which it said that it “followed the infiltration by some reporters of Arab and International news outlets inside Syria in breach of international law and regulations, together with some media institutions using the services of reporters inside Syria in an illegal manner and against the rules governing the accreditation of reporters.”

The statement underscored the ministry’s intention “to take the necessary measures against these people and institutions in line with the regulations.”

Yassin Bin Mansur, an Algerian journalist working with Qatari newspaper “Al-Arab”, blamed Syrian authorities for the death of the two journalists, saying that the killing came in the wake of an Alegrian newspaper running a series of pictures describing the heinous crimes committed by Syrian regimes against its own people.

The death of the two journalists brings the total number of foreign journalists killed in Syria since the start of the revolution to five.

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