Syrian journalists injured in bomb attack

Syrian journalists injured in bomb attack

Hadi Abdallah and Khaled Al-Issa were seriously injured in the incident, two days after being injured by barrel bombs while reporting
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Hadi Abdallah and Khaled Al-Issa were seriously injured in the attack on their home, two days after being injured in the field

Two Syrian journalists and media activists were seriously injured in Aleppo on Thursday evening, a matter of days after they were both wounded while covering barrel bomb attacks nearby.

Prominent citizen journalist, Hadi Abdallah and photographer Khaled Al-Issa were injured in a government bomb attack on their home in an area outside the regime’s control, according to reports, and they were then transported to the Turkish border to receive medical treatment.

Both men were also injured on Tuesday as they covered fighting on the ground in another part of the city.  Video footage showed the pair in the immediate aftermath of the bombing as well as their journey to hospital to receive treatment.

Al-Issa is reportedly in a critical condition and is being treated for wounds to the head and the abdomen, and is in a coma according to reports.

Abdallah, who was rescued from the rubble on Friday morning, was taken to hospital and treated for multiple fractures in his left leg as well as injuries to his eye and jaw, a source close to the journalists told the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Video footage shows part of the rescue operation as the journalists were transferred to hospital.

A message posted on Abdallah’s Facebook page noted that the journalist was in a stable condition after being rescued, but described his colleague’s as bring “in a dangerous and critical state.”

A number of activists and fellow journalists have referred to the attack as an assassination attempt as Abdallah has been a vocal critic against the Syrian regime throughout his reporting across the country.

Doha Centre for Media Freedom is extremely concerned about the attack on the home of Hadi Abdallah and Khaled Al-Issa, and calls on the Syrian authorities to refrain from targeting journalists who continue to work bravely to cover ongoing events on the ground.

Despite his injury on Tuesday, Abdallah had returned to work the following day, and he has worked tirelessly to cover the fighting in dangerous cities such as Aleppo throughout the Syrian conflict.

Journalists must be allowed to carry out their reporting freely and safely and should never be targeted because of their work.  



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