Supporting media in transitional and post conflict contexts

Sun, 29/01/2012

On January 30 and 31, the Doha Centre for Media Freedom organises a closed experts meeting on Supporting Arab media in transitional and (post)conflict contexts. Fifteen experts in the field of media development and press freedom advocacy coming from Qatar, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Yemen, Morocco, Sudan, France, Denmark and the Netherlands, will gather in Doha to discuss the best possible ways for media development- and press freedom organisations to support Arab media in these times of transition.

The popular uprisings that have engulfed the Arab world since early 2011, offer a window of opportunity to move away from state-controlled media to a media environment that is independent of government interference. However, these opportunities come with serious challenges: societies in transition and societies emerging from armed conflict desperately need reliable information to support successful democratic development and reform. Yet they are confronted with a media environment that has not been restructured yet and is severely lacking in capacity. Adding to the pressures are the public’s expectations: Having witnessed the power of the people in deposing their leaders, there is a strong sense of urgency to transform the media environment as well.

How should local and international media development- and press freedom organisations support Arab media in these times of transition? How can they offer support that answers the media’s needs in the short run, yet is sustainable in the long run? How should organisations prioritise and how should they coordinate the various efforts?

During this two-day experts meeting, the participants will attempt to formulate recommendations for the media development- and press freedom sector for the coming years in the following fields: media law and regulation, capacity building, institution building, media management, and safety and rights.

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