NGOs hail Kuwaiti emir’s efforts to resolve crisis

NGOs hail Kuwaiti emir’s efforts to resolve crisis

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Kuwaiti civil society organisations have hailed the eff orts led by Kuwait’s Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad al-Jaber al-Sabah to resolve the Gulf crisis.

In a statement, the organisations have said the Kuwaiti leader’s eff orts to “bridge the rift between brothers in the Gulf confirm that the strong historical bonds that tie the GCC countries are stronger than any transient disturbance which may disturb the region”.

The statement also highlights the Kuwaiti civil society organisations’ full support for the efforts exerted by Sheikh Sabah to promote the convergence of viewpoints and restore the state of cohesion that has characterised the GCC for decades, according to the Al Hakea news portal.

Further, the civil society organisations point out that the eff orts exerted by the emir reflect his experience and political wisdom in managing [the Gulf crisis] thorny issue.” Common relations between the Gulf countries have grown, developed and crystallised in the form of the GCC, they observe, noting that the goals of the GCC involve the accomplishment of co-ordination, integration and connectivity in all fields. The goals also involve resorting to dialogue while addressing any dispute between the GCC “purposefully and constructively”.

The Kuwaiti civil society organisations have stressed the importance of adhering to established principles as well as to reason in resolving the crisis. They have expressed full confidence in the eff orts exerted by the emir to address the current crisis and as well as in the wisdom of the Gulf and Arab leaders.


Source: The Gulf Times

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