Monthly increase in violations against journalists in Palestine

Monthly increase in violations against journalists in Palestine

A report produced by Gaza Centre for Media Freedom shows higher number of violations committed against journalists in August
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Restrictions on media freedom in Palestine continue to affect journalists on a daily basis (AFP)

The month of August witnessed an increase in the number of violations committed against journalists in Palestine compared to July, according to a report published by the Gaza Centre for Media Freedom.

The report indicates that of the total 27 violations recorded, the centre recorded 18 violations committed by Israeli forces, while nine were committed by Palestinian authorities, including six in the West Bank and three in the Gaza Strip.

Among these violations were detentions, arrests, assaults and other restrictions, with a number of journalists reporting that they were prevented from covering events.  Other journalists had their homes raided by authorities, with equipment regularly being confiscated.

These violations contribute towards the continuation of a poor situation in terms of media freedom in Palestine, with journalists regularly prevented from covering events and the flow of information heavily restricted.

Below is the list of violations recorded by GCMF throughout August:


Israeli Violations:

  • 4/8 Israeli forces held Al Quds cameraman, Abdelkarim Darwish and confiscated his camera.
  • 4/8 Freelance journalist, Amjad Arafah issued a three-month travel ban and passport confiscated.
  • 4/8 Head of public relations and information department at Al Aqsa mosque, Firas Al-Dibs, detained and camera confiscated.
  • 13/8 Journalist and secretary of the journalists’ syndicate, Abdelkarim Abu-Arqub, prevented from coming travelling across the Al-Kramah border crossing without explanation.
  • 18/8 Photographer Abdel Afi Zighir, held and beaten while working in Jerusalem.
  • 18/8 Freelance journalist, Ali Muwasi, arrested while covering solidarity march for prisoner on hunger strike.
  • 19/8 Journalist and boardmember of the journalists’ syndicate, Khalid Boulboul, prevented from travelling through the Erez crossing.
  • 20/8 Photographer, Ayman Abu Arram had his home raided and searched before being arrested.
  • 22/8 Photographer, Bilal Al-Tamimi arrested while covering weekly protests in the village of Nabi Saleh.
  • 26/8 Photographer, Mohammed Al-Qazaz, assaulted while working at Al Aqsa mosque.
  • 26/8 Journalist, Ali Yasin Mansour and Mohammed Ashw fined 475 shekels on charges of obstructing traffic while they were shooting in the area of Bab al Silsilah.
  • 26/8 Journalist Bayan Al-Juabah and photographer Said Al-Rukn held while covering violence at Al Aqsa mosque.
  • 26/8 Journalist Zinah Qatmirah held while shooting near Bab al Silhilah in Jerusalem.
  • 26/8 Journalist Mohammed Yasin shot in the leg by a rubber bullet as he attended a protest in western Ramallah.
  • 26/8 Photographer Hamzah Yasin arrested while covering protests in western Ramallah
  • 26/8 Journalist Liwa Abu Irmilah assaulted while covering events at Al Aqsa mosque.
  • 26/8 An Israeli court extended the detention of journalist Samir Abu Ishah for five days following his detention on August 19.

Palestinian Violations:

  • 5/8 West Bank security services arrested journalist Yusuf Shalabi after he visited a person recently released from prison.
  • 5/8 Security Services in Gaza detained journalist Mushirah Tawfiq Al-Haj, director of the Al Hadaf web portal, over a post on her page over one year old.
  • 15/8 Security services in Nablus prevented journalists from covering the dispersal of a demonstration.
  • 15/8 Security services in Nablus arrested Al Quds TV correspondent, Mus’ab Al-Khatib, and confiscated his cellular phone.
  • 15/8 Security services in Hebron arrested Shihab News Agency correspondent, Amir Abu Arafah and confiscated his laptop computer, cellular phone and camera.
  • 22/8 Security services in Gaza summoned radio presenter Ahmad Said on charges of incitement against the municipality of Gaza.
  • 27/8 Security services in Nablus raided the home of journalist Ghufran Zamil and searched her property.  She was then summoned to appear in court the following day, but refused to attend.
  • 31/8 The Ministry of Health in Gaza held Al Araby TV journalist Mohamed Uthman on the prextext that he did not have permission to conduct interviews.

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