Ethiopian journalist sentenced three years after detention

Ethiopian journalist sentenced three years after detention

Kebede was detained in 2013 on anti-terror charges, which are often used in Ethiopia to silent critical voices
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Solomon Kebede has been sentenced to jail after being detained since 2013

A newspaper editor in Ethiopia was sentenced to jail on Thursday, three years after being jailed on anti-terror changes.

Solomon Kebede, managing editor of Ye Muslimoch Guday (Muslim Affairs), a newspaper which has now closed, was arrested in 2013, on charges related to terrorism.  The exact charges

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) deputy executive director, Robert Mahoney said: “Since his arrest in January 2013, Solomon Kebede has been put through a terrible ordeal, punished for nothing more than carrying out his as a journalist.

“Ethiopia must put a stop to this abuse of power and stop using anti-terror laws as a guise for cracking down on critical voices,” he added.

The exact length of the sentence handed down to Kebede has not been confirmed as conflicting reports have emerged as to its duration. 

The Ethiopia Human Rights Project reported online that he had been sentenced to three years and 11 months, while two journalists said that the sentence was actually four years and 10 months, with time already served to contribute towards the term.

Ethiopia remains a difficult and dangerous country for journalists, with the government regularly applying draconian anti-terror laws to silence critical voices in the name of national security.

Source: CPJ

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