Documentary filmmakers honoured

Documentary filmmakers honoured

The Doha Centre for Media Freedom participated in Al Jazeera Film Festival closing ceremony, awarding "Israel vs Israel" best medium feature dealing with human rights and press freedom.

The Al Jazeera Documentary Film Festival awards on display at the start of the ceremony

DOHA, Qatar -- Al Jazeera wrapped up its film festival on Sunday, recognising documentary filmmakers from around the world for their achievements.

"Pink Saris", a UK-produced film about women vigilantes in India, took top honour at the 7th Al Jazeera International Documentary Film Festival, winning best long feature film at the closing ceremony. Other winners of the competition included Zanzibar Music Club, winning the jury’s prize for long feature, and Tears of Gaza, which won the Public Liberty and International Human Rights - long feature award.

The Doha Centre for Media Freedom (DCMF) also participated in the ceremony, awarding Terje Carlsson the best Public Liberty and International Human Rights - medium feature for his film "Israel vs Israel". The film focuses on the division within Israel between supporters and detractors of the state's occupation of Palestinian Territies.

Upon receiving the award from Jan Keulen, the director of DCMF, Carlsson announced that he was dedicating the award to "all the filmmakers and journalists killed while reporting".

More photos from the event:

Sheikh Hamad Bin Thamer Al Thani, the chairman of Al Jazeera, speaking at the event

Ghida Fakhry, an Al Jazeera English presenter, introduced the film festival's jury to the audience

Jan Keulen, the DCMF director, gives Terje Carlsson his award

Said Carlsson: "Thank you so much. I dedicate this prize to all the filmmakers and journalists killed while reporting"

Members of the jury, guests of the festival and members of the public watch the ceremonies

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