DCMF workshop in Iraq: How to conduct TV interviews

Fri, 23/09/2011 - Sat, 24/09/2011

The Doha Centre for Media Freedom, in cooperation with the Independent Media Centre in Kurdistan, offered Iraqi journalists a workshop on how to conduct TV interviews.

During the 5 day workshop in Erbil journalist and trainer Mustapha Zraid (46) taught 13 participants different interviewing techniques and gave them advise for filming and editing interviews.

"The items that were prepared by the trainees are very professional and they really followed my advice. The group was very interested and they showed great enthusiasm,” said Zreid, who works for Al Jazeera Satellite Channel.

Hassan Al-Shamiry, a 40 year old reporter for Bladi TV in Dyallah said: “The training was a great benefit for me, especially in filming and editing. I have learned a lot from the trainer, because he worked in the field and he has a lot of experience. When finishing a journalistic education here in Iraq, you are not able to work in the field, because you only learn theory, not practice.”

The training was the second project co-ordinated by the IMCK and the DCMF.

The IMCK has been working in Iraq since 2008, mainly in the Kurdish region. It trains journalists on ethics and technical skills, and offers workshops on how to work with media to politicians and police.

The workshop started on September 23, in the IMCK training centre in Erbil. The participants came from all over Iraq.

“The harmony between the different members of the group of trainees made work really easy. I was amazed to see how well the members of the different ethnic groups and religions worked together,” said Zreid.

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