~ DCMF Second Annual Report

Doha Centre for Media Freedom (DCMF) is pleased to issue its second annual report, which offers a methodical assessment of our monitoring and advocacy operations.

DCMF reaffirms, through this report, its commitment to advocating for media freedom as part of its international efforts , where free media and the safety of journalists prevail.

DCMF has documented a worldwide growing intolerance towards journalism and rising violence against journalists and media practitioners, who have become victims of killings, torture, death threats, harassment, arbitrary arrest and unlawful detention.

While concerns over media freedom and safety of journalists are not limited to any specific racial group or geographic region, the Arab world remains DCMF’s heart of focus and its principle centre of business.

According to a study conducted on behalf of DCMF, a total of 70 professional journalists lost their lives across the globe throughout the course of 2013, of which 49 (70 percent) were killed in the Arab region, while the number of journalists jailed worldwide reached more than 200.

The bitter irony is that perpetrators are still allowed to go scot-free, and the desire to cover up the truth continues to prevail as around 90 percent of crimes committed against the media in 2013 went unpunished.

These shocking findings strengthen our conviction and determination to assist in protecting the right of those professionals who continue to do their work despite all obstacles.  

The centre hopes this report will contribute to the constructive debate on the protection of media freedom and to enhance the role of free media as a strategic source of sustainable development and basic human rights as it looks out for its third report to be deeper and more thorough in its approach.

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