DCMF participating in workshop combating extremism

DCMF participating in workshop combating extremism

The ISESCO workshop on combating hate speech and promoting tolerance through new media, is taking place in Sudan
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Emphasising the importance of using media and new technology to combat hate speech and promote tolerance and understanding, Doha Centre for Media Freedom (DCMF) is currently participating in a workshop in Sudan, aimed at bringing together media professionals and experts to discuss these issues.

The workshop on the “recruitment of new media technologies to counter religious extremism and spread the culture of moderation in the Arab region,” is taking place in Khartoum over two days, and brings together journalists and representatives of media organisations to discuss best practices for combating hate speech.

Head of personnel at DCMF, Hanan Al-Yafei is representing the centre at the workshop, where she will be presenting a working paper on the centre’s mission and its efforts to combat extremism and hate speech through promoting media freedom and education.

The workshop was organised by the Islamic Education Scientific and Cultural Organisation (ISESCO) in conjunction with the Sudanese Academy for the Communication Sciences and the Organisation of the Islamic Dawa

It aims to discuss the most effective ways of using new media to combat the spread of hatred, violence and extremism, and to prevent the indoctrination of young media users who are often exposed to extremism and fanaticism through media, especially online.

Themes to be discussed include the role of international law in dealing with extremism, the role of Arab media institutions in battling fanaticism, and the development of talk shows and other forms of media to promote tolerance and understanding as opposed to divisions.

The programme will feature participants from throughout the Arab world, including Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Bahrain.


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