A citizen journalist killed in Syria

A citizen journalist killed in Syria

Ahmed Mohamed Djibril, 17, died of his wounds after being shot by the Syrian army in Idlib.
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A Syrian journalist was killed and a photographer arrested by Syrian army on March 29, 2012 in the city of Aleppo, activists said.

Nur Eddin Abdu, a member of the media bureau of the Revolution Command Council in Idlib province, told Doha Centre for Media Freedom (DCMF) that journalist Ahmed Mohamed Djibril, 17, was wounded while he was taking shots of Syrian army’s shelling of Idlib. He later died of his wounds in the city.

The Syrian army also arrested photographer and prominent media activist Ali Mohamed Uthman in Idlib on Wednesday 28 March.

Uthman fled Homs when the army stormed Baba Amr neighbourhood where he used to operate. He then headed to Idlib where was arrested.

Media office in Baba Amr confirmed the news of the arrest in a phone contact to DCMF and appealed to rights groups to work his release, expressing deep concerns over his safety.

The media office released a statement, holding Syrian authorities responsible for any harm which may occur to him. 

British foreign ministry called for an immediate release of Uthman and urged Syrian authorities to stop all acts of intimidation against its people and political activists.

Foreign minister, William Hague, voiced in a statement his deep concern over the life of the Syrian photographer and his colleagues following reports of their arrest in Homs and their subjection to torture and mistreatment by Syrian security forces.

Together with his journalistic work, Uthman used to work as a fixer for foreign journalists accompanying them to restive places and arranging meeting between them and families of victims.

Uthman, who started filming the revolution from its beginning, risked his life twice during bombardment of his media office in Baba Amr. 

At least 23 journalists, including foreign journalists, have been killed in Syria since May 2011, according to a DCMF count.

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